Universal Joint (Universal Coupling)

Universal joints, also known as U-joints or Cardan joints or universal couplings, are mechanical devices used to connect two rotating shafts that are not in a straight line. They provide flexibility in transmitting rotational motion between shafts, even when they are at different angles or misaligned. Universal joints consist of a cross-shaped component with bearings at the ends, allowing for smooth rotation while compensating for angular misalignment. They are commonly found in vehicles, machinery, and industrial applications where flexibility and torque transmission are crucial, enabling efficient power transfer in diverse mechanical systems.

Types of Universal Joints for Sale

WLY Transmission is a trusted supplier offering a wide range of high-quality different u joints for sale. Our inventory includes single universal joints, double universal joints, and telescopic universal joints. With a focus on reliability, WLY Transmission ensures our products meet strict quality standards, making us a reliable choice for all universal joint needs. What’s more, custom universal joints are also available to meet your special requirements.

Single Universal Joint

Single Universal Joints

Double Universal Joint

Double Universal Joints

Telescopic Universal Joints

Telescopic Universal Joints (Slip Joints)

WSS Small Style Flex Universal Couplings

WSS Small Style Flex Universal Coupling

Universal Joint Coupling Display

Custom U-Joints Available

At WLY Transmission, we take pride in our extensive experience and commitment to meeting our customers’ unique needs. With our custom universal joint services, we offer tailored solutions that ensure a perfect fit for your specific requirements. Our skilled team utilizes advanced manufacturing techniques and high-quality materials to deliver precision-engineered universal joints that enhance performance and reliability at very competitive universal joint coupling prices. From design to production, we work closely with our clients, providing personalized attention and expert guidance throughout the customization process. Trust WLY Transmission for exceptional custom universal joints that exceed expectations. Contact us now if you are interested!

Use of Universal Joint Coupling

Universal joint couplings are commonly used in various applications, such as automotive and industrial machinery, where flexibility and efficient torque transmission are required. They enable the transfer of power between misaligned or non-collinear shafts, providing smooth rotation and compensating for angular variations. The versatility of universal u joints makes them vital in drivetrains, propeller shafts, steering systems, and other mechanisms that demand reliable power transmission in non-linear configurations.

Universal Coupling Use

Measuring U Joints

When measuring U-joints (universal joints), it’s important to be precise and accurate with your measurements. When it comes to measuring U-joints, there are a few key dimensions you need to consider.

Here are the main measurements for U-joints:

  • Joint Size: The joint size refers to the diameter of the cross-shaped center section of the U-joint.
  • Cap Size: U-joints have caps at each end of the cross that fit into the yokes of the shafts being connected. The cap size is the diameter of these caps.
  • Bearing Diameter: The bearing diameter refers to the size of the holes in the yokes where the U-joint caps fit. This measurement is crucial because it determines if the U-joint will fit the specific yokes on your application. Measure the diameter of the holes in the yokes to determine the bearing diameter.
  • Overall Length: The overall length of the U-joint is measured from end to end, including the caps. It is essential to ensure that the U-joint is the correct length for your application, as a longer or shorter U-joint may not fit properly.
Measuring U Joint Size

Installing Universal Joints

Installing u joints can be a straightforward process when following the proper steps. By using the right tools, materials, and techniques, you can ensure a successful installation and maintain the functionality of your mechanical system.

  • Access the joint: Remove any necessary components obstructing access to the universal joint, such as driveshafts or linkages.
  • Removing the old U-joint: Use a wrench or socket set to disconnect the joint from the shafts on both ends. Take note of the joint’s orientation for proper replacement.
  • Replacing the new universal joint: Align the new joint with the shafts, ensuring proper alignment and orientation. Use a rubber mallet if necessary to seat the joint securely.
  • Secure the joint: Torque the joint’s retaining bolts or straps according to the manufacturer’s specifications using a torque wrench.
  • Test the installation: Rotate the shafts to verify smooth and unrestricted movement. Check for any abnormal noises or vibrations.
Installing Universal Joints

Lubricating U Joints

U joints require regular lubrication to maintain optimal performance and prevent wear. Apply appropriate grease to each joint using a grease gun or by hand, ensuring even distribution. This simple maintenance task extends the life of the U joints, promotes smooth operation, and minimizes the risk of failure.

Lubricating U Joints

Buy Universal Joints at WLY Transmission

Choosing WLY Transmission cardan shaft universal joint coupling is the wisest decision you can make. As a leading mechanical transmission component manufacturer and supplier in China, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional quality and reliability. Our universal cardan joints are meticulously crafted using advanced technology and superior materials, ensuring durability and optimum performance. We offer a wide range of options to meet diverse industrial needs, all of which undergo stringent quality checks to guarantee precision and functionality. With WLY, you can trust in our commitment to excellence, prompt delivery, and competitive prices. Make WLY your preferred choice for universal joints and experience unmatched satisfaction and efficiency in your operations.

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